Monday, November 18, 2013

The journey so far...

So it has definitely been a while since my last post and my poor blog has been somewhat neglected. A lot has changed and I feel this is as good as place as any to update everyone on how things have been. In short, things couldn't be better! I left my life of leasing apartments behind and moved to New York to pursue my dream of becoming an illustrator.

Now as great as that is, its not without its challenges. Work being the forerunner in aches and pains these days. Hence the new blog and website which I will do my best to update reguarly in the hopes someone in need of my skill set will come along and say "Thats the guy I want to paint for me!". Who knows right?

At the moment I feel as though my whole life is laid out in front of me. I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of my art, and I know that big break is right around the corner. The Hudson valley is absolutely gorgeous and I feel surrounded by art at all times. There are so many museums within a short drive to fuel my inspiration. In short, Im happy. I do miss home, my family and my friends. But everyday I use that to remind myself why Im here.

That being said here is a preview of what has been occupying my time as of late...

She's coming along pretty good but I still have several hours to go. BTW I am LOVING oils now and I don't think I will will be going back to acrylics any time soon. I hope to have this one done by the weekend so I can move on to the next painting.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope to update you again real soon!

Oh and be sure to check out my new site at

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